About STP

Mission Statement

STP’s mission is to deliver affordable, secure, and maintainable information technology systems while strictly adhering to all applicable federal and state rules and regulations and industry standards. 

STP will provide the best possible technical and managerial talent necessary to achieve our customer’s goals and to meet our contractual obligations. We will do this in the most efficient and safe manner possible in full communication with our staff, partners, and stakeholders.

Ethics Statement

STP will treat all employees, customers, and partners fairly and professionally. STP will not tolerate any un-ethical behavior and will always operate within all applicable laws and contractual agreements. STP will honor our commitments and provide the best technical and managerial support possible to perform on our client’s programs and contracts with their best interest in mind. We will meet or exceed our contractual obligations and initiate lessons learned to provide a culture of continuous improvement.  

Customer Creed

STP places the utmost value on our customers and contractual commitments. We realize that customers often have significant technical, budget and legal constraints that need to be considered when providing solutions and services. We strive to be the highest value, lowest cost solution and service provider while working in full collaboration with our customers.  

Employee Creed

STP values our employees and strives to meet their needs with a secure, safe, and dynamic work environment. We view our employees as an asset to our company and the customers’ missions they support. We understand that our employees need to be compensated fairly for the solutions and services they perform. We practice an “Open Door” policy where employees are encouraged to provide input and feedback on all aspects of their employment and work environment.